Highrise Mayhem Poster feat. Judge Dredd

judge dredd crop

My brief was to do a poster for Highrise Mayhem, a double bill featuring Dredd (2012) and The Raid: Redemption (2011) (coming to the Trylon Jan 18-20)… it turned into a bit more of a Judge Dredd Poster.

I’d never seen The Raid, so I focused on Dredd. I wanted to show off the roots of Judge Dredd by drawing a more comic book version of him. Specifically, I was looking at the Brendan McCarthy version. McCarthy drew the Judge helmet much more flared out on the bottom. It has a bit more impossible look common to most comic book costumes. When they translate to film, they become ‘practical’ and often lose what made them distinctive in the first place.

In the background I just wanted to add some bonkers multistory ‘mayhem.’  It’s no secret I enjoy drawing large architectural scenes when I can find the time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at this Judge Dredd Poster as much as I enjoyed drawing it.

Judge Dredd for Trylon

Bill Murray Poster for the Trylon

I was digging around looking for some files on my computer and I stumbled on this… I guess I never got around to posting this. It’s a poster for a four film Bill Murray series at the Trylon (the amazing micro-cinema) in Minneapolis. The series is long gone, so you can’t go see the movies, but… at least you can see the poster. If you’ve never been to the Trylon, go! It’s great.

Bill Murray Poster by Tom Kaczynski