Little Tijuana

little tijuana

One of my favorite places in Minneapolis before I left for New York was Little Tijuana a little Tex-Mex place open until 3 am daily. The best part was always the paper table cloth and tons of crayons. A few months ago I decided to move back to Minneapolis. Now I can again experience the nearly forgotten pleasure of drunken crayon scribbling in the early hours of the morning. I know there are plenty other places out there that let diners doodle before a meal. For me, Little Tijuana is still the best.

A Flume Full of Blog

A new stream of blog (that sounds vaguely obscene) has began to flow through the wilderness of the interweb. But it’s not a wild and chaotic brook, rather a finely chiseled flume. It meanders, certainly, but along a pleasing and picturesque path… er… … Blog Flume, is a new blog (what else?) launched recently ago by Alvin Buenaventura, Jonathan Bennett, Tim Hensley, Todd Hignite and Ken Parille. So far it’s been a great read. Some standouts: Tim Hensley presents a slideshow he delivered at a lecture at the Hammer Museum. It’s about Suiho Tagawa, the creator of Norakuro. It’s excellent despite using some of my amateurish photos from the Norakuro Museum in Tokyo. Jonathan Bennett looks at the work of Charley Harper and 1000 frames of Hitchcock. Ken Parille brief look at cartoonist Pete Morisi. There’s plenty more. Take a look.