Uncivilized Territories

Gabrielle Bell and I started a podcast, Uncivilized Territories. Comics are the core subject, but we will often detour into broader cultural territories. This one is about comics, what comics can do for philosophy and the dangers of nostalgia. Future episodes will be on magick, domestication of dogs and humans, comics of Olivier Schrauwen, astral projection, and much more. Two cartoonists exploring uncivilized territories… episode one below.

The Psychogeography of Gabrielle Bell Uncivilized Territories

Tom Kaczynski talks to Gabrielle Bell about her recent Patreon comics. The conversation takes a life of its own and takes many strange turns and sidetracks… and quickly détourns into odd crossroads where Dorian Gray meets Nietzsche, comics are a performance, opera trumps comics, scapegoats are formed mimetically, walking and thinking go hand-in-hand, and psychogeography rules. There's more too!  Gabrielle Bell's Patreon | Gabrielle's Books Tom's blog TransAtlantis I Tom's Books Uncivilized Books.
  1. The Psychogeography of Gabrielle Bell
  2. Cartoon Dialectics and The Dangers of Nostalgia

Stay tuned for more episodes every two weeks!