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I tricked another magazine to publish one of my comics. This time it’s Punk Planet. The current issue (75) has a theme: The Revenge of Print 2. I was asked to contribute a 3 page comics essay on the topic. It ended up being an apocalyptic rant on the state of the world… somewhere in there I managed to talk about immanent Death of Print. Comics at the end of history.
Keeping up with the digital bibliography theme from the last post, here’s some of the works that were cited and/or influenced the piece:
The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil. Ray’s Law of Accelerating Returns (LOAR) makes a prominent showing in the story. I’m not very nice to it.
Techgnosis by Erik Davis. Erik’s take on the intersection of occult/religion and technology informed a lot of what I had to say about Ray Kurzweil. This should a text book in every high school or college.
So Many Books by Gabriel Zaid. A short and sweet book on… other books. If you like books you will probably like this book as well. by Jeff Jarvis. Jeff has been on the forefront of the print-to-digital meme. He will have to get this issue of Punk Planet to see what I wrote about him 😉
Collapse by Jared Diamond. A really thorough and illuminating (if a bit dry) look at how and why complex civilizations collapse.
T.A.Z. by Hakim Bey. Actually it was really an online (the irony!) interview I read with him that I haven’t been able to find again. He was talking about turning off computers and digesting information at a slower pace.
Business Week In 1975 published the first article on the Paperless Office.
The issue should be on the stands now. It can also be ordered here: Punk Planet 75.
easter island does LOAR