Book Arts Fest 2008

I spent Saturday and Sunday tabling at the 7th Annual Minnesota Book Arts Fest at the Minnesota Center for the Book Art. The event is scheduled just in time for the great month-long consumer frenzy known as Holiday Shopping. Most people come looking for handmade gifts, cards, envelopes, prints and calendars. They found plenty to choose from. I shared the table with cartoonist Will Dinski. We valiantly attempted to flog paeans to smoking and voodoo economics fantasies onto the unsuspecting public. Together with Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Sarah Morean, and The Good Minnesotan we formed a Zine-to-Comics-multi-table-continuous-almost-commerce-free-semi-autonomous Zone. At some point Matt Peiken came by and video taped some of the proceedings. He posted some of the footage online. I made the cut despite being nearly incoherent.