TCAF 2007

let me check my notes
I will be attending TCAF in Toronto this weekend. Here are the details on the show. I guess I will be in the area known as VC108 and I’m listed as ‘Tom K.’ I will be sharing space with my pals Jon Lewis, Karen Sneider, Damien Jay and Melanie Lewis. If you’re in Canada, come by and say hi!

MoCCA 2007

communist zombies
Panel from Mome 8

MoCCA Art Festival is this weekend and I’ll be there. This year I have an actual schedule there. First I’ll be signing copies of Mome at the Fantagraphics table:

Saturday 12-1 with Jonathan Bennett and Kurt Wolfgang
Sunday 11-12 with Jonthan Bennett

Here’s the full Fantagraphics signing schedule.

Also on Sunday (12:55-1:50) I’ll be on a panel with some of my local cartoonist pals. The full panel schedule is here.

At other times I’ll be hanging out at the table (A50) I’m sharing with Alex Holden, Damien Jay, Melanie Lewis, Jon Lewis, Karen Snyder and Robyn Chapman. Stop by and say hi!