tunnel cover
This comic-book is about 4 years old at this point, but I still like it ok. It’s my only attempt a dream comics. I tired to be really literal with it and the result is actually pretty close to the actual dream… well as much as I could manage.
I’m posting about it because Poopsheet just gave it a nice review. For those of you out there not as familiar with my comics I just wanted to start occasional posts that describe some of my comics and maybe post sample pages.
Anyway, Tunnel is available either from robot26.com or the Poopsheet Shop.

Vague Cities 2


Thanks to everyone who came by my table at APE! For those that couldn’t make it to San Francisco, you can buy Vague Cities, my new mini-comic, on my other site, robot26.com. I also reprinted ‘Leisure’.

Art of Memory


The Drama magazine just came out with what appears to be the biggest issue to date. There are interviews with Julie Doucet, Elvis Studio, tons of other art and a LOT more comics than last time. Some of the other contributing cartoonists are: Vanessa Davis, Zak Sally, PaperRad, Travis Robertson, Tom Gauld and tons of others. Oh and one of those comics pages is a one-page comic by me. Should be available in stores now, or get it directly from the publisher HERE.