Doodle Dump 006

Doodle Dump™ returns after a brief hiatus. This time all drawings come from a sketchbook which had been on display at the Minnesota Museum of American Art (which has been hit hard by the economic downturn) during the Hot Ink show. Some sketches from this book appeared in MOME 10 alongside my interview. I was excited to get this sketchbook back. It was at the museum for four months! It was one of my favorite sketchbooks and it still has a bunch of un-inked pages. Click on the images to enlarge them.
chin eyes

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Doodle Dump 004: Bored at Work

A brief suspension of Trans-Atlantis posting services comes to an end tonight. I spent the last few days in New York fully intending to keep up the almost-daily blogging activity. Blogging is an activity one can technically do from any location in the world provided there is a semi-reliable connection to the world wide web. But even a short trip demonstrates that the routine required to make even a simple blog post possible is easily disrupted. The lack of set schedule, late nights and odd sleeping hours are enemies of blogging… unless of course those things are routine…
In today’s Doodle Dump™ all the drawings were done at work during meetings or boring moments.
Click on the images to view them larger.
four heads

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will already know that I’m a big fan of Momus. As of yesterday he is offering as a free download the first of his six albums recorded for the now defunct Creation label. The first one is The Poison Boyfriend, his second solo effort. Keep checking his blog during December for the the other five.

Doodle Dump 003

It’s Sunday, and it’s time for another Doodle Dump™. This week is a little different from previous ones. The entries are a little less ‘doodley’. Most of the subjects are taken from Monocle Magazine, which claims to be be a publication for an “international audience hungry for information across a variety of sectors”. I’m not exactly sure what it is that fascinates me about that magazine… yet. But I’m sure it’ll be subject of a future post.

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Sketchy Komiks: They Only Want Malls

Time for another regular Trans-Atlantis feature: Sketchy Komiks™. Once a week (though not always on the same day) I’ll share some of the comics that keep accumulating in my sketchbooks, but never really see the light of day. Hopefully these will be of interest to somebody out there. Enjoy.
they only want malls
Click to enlarge.

Doodle Dump 001

Introducing a new weekly feature on the Transatlantis: Doodle Dump. Every Sunday I’m going to pull choice scribbles, scrawls and doodles from sketchbooks, paper napkins, random lose sheets of paper, and post the whole lot on this blog. Good drawings will mix with bad ones. Inspired ideas will mix with embarrassing ones. Without further ado:
cracked head

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