Frank Santoro on Beta Testing The Ongoing Apocalypse

This is a blast from the past. I was organizing some old links and this jumped out immediately! It’s an old ComicComics (who also misses ComicsComics?) post written by Frank Santoro. My comics at the time were appearing in the MOME anthology published by Fantagraphics. Frank’s take on my comics was an important and eye-opening …

Beta Testing Reviewed by The Comics Journal

A new review of Beta Testing the Apocalypse, this time by The Comics Journal! As a reader of The Comics Journal since issue 148 (Charles Burns Interview. I miss the paper issues!), I’m pleased as punch. Here’s an excerpt: […] One of the pleasures of reading Beta Testing, as in other watershed collections like Caricature,Curses, or Everything Together, …

Yokoyama Update

Since I wrote the Enigmatic Engineering post ‘Yuichi Yokoyama’ has consistently become one of the top 5 search strings (after communist, Wolverine, Karl Marx and zombies) that have brought readers to this blog. There have been a few responses to it across the internetosphere that I wanted to mention.

Enigmatic Engineering – Yuichi Yokoyama’s Visionary Architecture – Part 1

The most interesting comic-book of this
years SPX
was easily Yuichi
Yokoyama’s New Engineering
. I’ve been obsessing
about Yokoyama’s work since I first saw random pages from his books
posted online. Now that I actually got my hands New Engineering I’ve
been concocting all kinds of strategies for reading and understanding
this work. I decided to string together a bunch of notes, observations
and theories I’ve accumulated over the last few of weeks into this
loose essay. Hopefully this will make some sense to someone out there
and they will find it useful in looking at Yuichi Yokoyama’s work.
By no means do I think any of this is the definitive way of looking at
this work. Picturebox plans
on publishing further volumes in the near future, and that work may contradict
some of things I say here.

I see the stories in New Engineering fall into two distinct,
though interconnected, categories. First, there are the ‘engineering’ stories,
where massive architectural projects are realized by gigantic machinery
some aid from the humans
(are they human?). The second category contains everything else. These
are stories of combat, athletics, warfare, fashion, etc. I’ll first
talk about the separate categories. Later I’ll attempt to make
some sort of unified statement on their relationship. First up is engineering.

Random Quotations

Transcription for clarity: “Power operates most effectively not by persuading the conscious mind, but by delimiting in advance what is possible to experience.” – CCRU “Kapital really is a planet-wide artificial intelligence, feeding matrix-style, on the energy of human slaves.” – K-Punk “The opposite of real isn’t phony or illusional – it’s optional.” – Thomas DeZengotita, Mediated, p. ? …