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  1. Hi, Tom K!
    I came across your comics in a Cozy Apocalypse search and though I can’t see the story, the artwork and design is great. I don’t expect you or anyone to know this but I published a comic (published meaning 200 copy xerox zine comic book) in the early 90’s also called Cozy Apocalypse and did a smaller run of the second issue in the mid 90’s. WAIT! This isn’t some gonna’ get my lawyer thing! I just thought that you might enjoy knowing that someone else had a similar feeling of connection between those two words/states of being/moment we live in/ or whatever. My Cozy Apocalypse was a sometimes sci-fi expression of an anarcho-feminist-animal liberation story about people who didn’t know how to communicate very well and the world they were reacting to without having all of the facts ( like all of us! ) and it was supposed to be also humorous at times. Some people I knew thought it was funny, that’s all I can say.
    Anyway, I wish you luck in your further comics and if, by chance, someone asks about my earlier title, I hope you’ll remember this note (it its unlikely, but punks liked it at the time). Congrats on having Fantagraphics publish your work, nice going! I know they’ve done lots of awesome stuff since (PEANUTS collections!), but they’ll always have a place in my heart for a (i think) 1982-3 overview of the AVENGERS (Marvel Variety) Universe that I loved as a middle-schooler.
    I’ll try to track down a copy of MOME 21 as I’d see what another person would do with what seemed like such an unlikely title at first (not so much to me but to folks i told it to. maybe you had a similar experience).
    On a final note, I’m not sure how this message will show up to you, but from where it is sent I get a glimpse of two pages from your story, of which only the 2nd is clear (could be this computer I’m on). I can see a youngish fellow and a youngish lady but my device can’t see the dialogue. It’s neat though because the two people look like older and less punk versions of my Cozy Apocalypse’s protagonists, Sam and Alex, especially her (Sam). I don’t get online often, but if you have a chance to let me know when some of your work is coming out and where I can get it, I’d like to hear from you. My comics store dude is a lot of fun and has great stories but isn’t as proactive as I’d (we’d) like about ordering smaller/indie press/local titles.
    Oh, dude, I already said “On A FinaL Note”! Okay, Tom K, best of luck and please don’t be upset if Sam and Alex show up in a later comic (the title won’t be Cozy Apocalypse, but it may reference the long ago stories).
    take care and keep on,
    squirrel gilbert

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