Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt played at the Triple Rock. Seawhores opened. Apparently, Knife World was supposed to be there too, but I missed them. Knife World was also there and they were actually the band (see comment below) I drew along with Lightning Bolt. It was confusing… but, it was good. All the mayhem and chaos I expected materialized. Here are some drawings from the show:

left: seawhores knife world. right: lightning bolt
lightning bolt
seawhores knife world
lightning bolt

See more concert drawings. I am restoring one or two posts per week.

5 Replies to “Lightning Bolt”

  1. Yes, I was there, but was too imbued with illegal substances and engrossed with LB to converse. They were just as good as when I saw them 7-8 years ago…so jealous of Chippendale.

  2. It wasn’t really “Knife World” either, it was supposed to be their Final Show – but it was what you saw instead, which is a new band with the guitarist from Knife World.

  3. Do you know what the name of this new band featuring the guitarist from Knife World?

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