Going to MoCCA?

John French Sloan cubism third dimentia
“A Slight Attack of Third Dimentia Brought on by Excessive Study of the Much Talked of Cubist Pictures in the International Exhibition at New York” by John Sloane
The MoCCA Art Festival is upon us again. This year it will take place this weekend at the 69th Regiment Armory at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street (in New York City of course). It is the very same Armory that in 1913 hosted the legendary Armory Show (aka. International Exhibition of Modern Art) and introduced America to ‘crazy’ new Art from the old continent. I will miss the old Puck building, but somehow this seems appropriate…
I will be tabling with Jon Lewis, Karen Sneider, Derek Van Gieson and Joan Reilly. Also I will be on a ‘panel’ or rather I will converse on stage with Kent Worcester about comics and stuff. The panel is on Sunday, June 7 from 11-11:50 am. More details here. Come by, say hi and see me freeze on stage. It’ll be fun!

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