Morrissey at The State Theater

On Monday, Morrissey played in Funnyapolis. Some insist that he said ‘Fannyapolis.’ Either one is a pretty apt description of Minneapolis as far as I’m concerned. It was much more of a production than I was expecting. Huge sound, huge backdrop and a huge light show. Drawing was more challenging than I expected it to be. It was very dark and the only light I could catch was provided by the overactive light show. It’s interesting to see a drawing develop under a strobe light. The Courteeners opened. I believe they were from Manchester. Here are the obligatory drawings:
Morrissey and band. The huge figure flexing it’s muscles was actually an image of a sailor smoking a cigar… in the drawing it ended up looking more like some Egyptian Pharaoh… which is fine with me!
the courteeners morrissey
The Courteeners (left) and Morrissey during the ultra-dark rendition of Death of a Disco Dancer.

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  1. f***ing awesome, still listening to st jude by The Courteeners, carnt get it out of my head and that is a good 8 months. rocking music with loads of spirit. keep it going lads, and see you in december in g-mex!!!!

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