Junior Boys, Max Tundra and Lookbook

Junior Boys and Max Tundra played the First Avenue Main room Friday night. Max Tundra’s hyper-spastic set was the highlight of the evening for me… but then I’ve been a big Max Tundra fan since his first, electronica inflected, Children at Play single (from Warp) and I consider his Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be an unsung masterpiece. The audience was both baffled and dazzled by his impish presence and multi-instrumentalist prowess. But their latent inner raver was soon awakened by Tundra’s off-kilter take on KLF’s What Time Is Love? The Junior Boys, on the other hand, were almost aloof in comparison… Their icy minimalist synth-techno-pop sounded cavernous and distant… as if emanating from a forgotten mall built inside of an underground fallout shelter buried deep beneath the frozen Canadian tundra… good stuff. Minneapolis’ own Lookbook opened. Here are some drawings from the show.
Junior Boys
Junior Boys
Max Tundra
Max Tundra was so active on stage it was difficult to choose what to draw.
Lookbook, Max Tundra
Lookbook (left), Max Tundra doing a spastic robot (right)

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