Sketchy Komiks: Influence

I was moving some stuff around the apartment when I stumbled on this little 3 panel strip in the margins of an old sketchbook. I must have drawn this in the late 90’s or maybe early 00’s. I’ve been also re-reading some biographical material on the Polish writer Bruno Schulz. I’m a big admirer of Schulz’s fiction and art. The strip instantly reminded me of Schulz’s drawings of submissive males, prostrating themselves under the feet of princesses, amazons and dominatrixes. I don’t remember anymore if the strip was conscious or unconscious imitation of his themes, but in my mind it’s still instantly recognizable as a Schulz homage… in a sketchy-90’s-emo-mini-comics kind of way.
love is...
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Here is a couple of Bruno Schulz drawings:
Procession from Xiega Balwochwalcza

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