Sketchy Komiks: Leisure

leisure cover
It’s Christmas Eve and it’s time for an extra special edition of Sketchy Komiks™. This time instead of he customary one pager, it’s a 16 page sketchbook comic! I’ve put this out as a mini in the past. But the books are sold out and I don’t really have plans to reprint them. I’m still fond of this story and in the seasonal spirit of sharing and giving, I’m putting the whole thing online.

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  1. Hey, Tom, I’m a recent follower of your work since I read the MOME interview. Those last one-pagers on silence were quite enthralling.
    Are there any plans of releasing your work in spanish? I would gladly help with the translation. Here in Mexico we are extremely lagged behind in sequential art/graphic literature/whatever, distant neighbors as it is.
    Thanks for releasing this freebie!
    Adrian V.

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