The Caveman Cycle

I was commissioned to do some cavemen drawings based on the caveman of my Uncivilized Books logo. The commission didn’t work out, so I was stuck with a bunch of sketches of cavemen. The only thing left to do was to ink them. All the originals are about 4×5 inches in size. If any caveman fans out there are interested, I’d be willing to part with one or all of them for a small fee (I’m cheap!). Email me tomk (at) or post a comment below.
caveman walks away
1. caveman walks I
caveman with rock
2. caveman rockman
caveman walks
3. caveman walks II
caveman stoneman stoned
4. caveman stonedman
caveman side
5. caveman walks III
caveman walking towards
6. caveman walks IIII

6 Replies to “The Caveman Cycle”

  1. Hello,
    I have written a prehistoric paper-and-pen roleplaying game and am looking for just a bit of art to use in it.
    Could I have a permission to use these ‘The Caveman Cycle’ pictures in my book?

  2. FUCK DUDE! awesome cavemans!
    i’ll use for street arts here in brazil. you i’ll have your credits 🙂

  3. I am trying find drawing of cave woman but only seem to get sexy images and cartoons. You have some great drawing of cave men but no cave woman. Surely there must be some serious drawing of them around. I have really been looking and am unable to find any. I would be very grateful if you have any or can point me in the right direction……thanks

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