Little Tijuana

little tijuana

One of my favorite places in Minneapolis before I left for New York was Little Tijuana a little Tex-Mex place open until 3 am daily. The best part was always the paper table cloth and tons of crayons. A few months ago I decided to move back to Minneapolis. Now I can again experience the nearly forgotten pleasure of drunken crayon scribbling in the early hours of the morning. I know there are plenty other places out there that let diners doodle before a meal. For me, Little Tijuana is still the best.

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  1. There’s a Thai place in New Haven that always has paper tablecloths. Mike and I used to take our own pens — sometimes colored pens or brush pens — when we ate there. This amused the wait staff but, I think, mildly embarrassed our wives.

  2. Haha! That’s why Little T (as it is affectionately known) is great
    cause no matter what you’re encouraged to draw on the table. Nobody should get embarrassed. The staff exists as a kind of impromptu critic. Works deemed worthy get displayed for some time on the wall behind the register.

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