Yuichi Yokoyama Fashion in Second Life

Well… sort of… I’ve been obsessed with the manga artist Yuichi Yokoyama lately. Everywhere I look I see something that refers me back to his comics.

Second Life Gift Box Hat
Gift Box Hat Couture…

I was checking out the newly formed Evil Robot blog, specifically a post on Ideal World, a film about virtual worlds. One of the clips on the film site is about a Second Life fashion designer. At one point there is a Yokoyama fashion moment as she tries to learn the new virtual tools of her trade. Makes you wonder what would have happened if she just went with it. Virtual worlds full of inexperienced avatars is kind of an interesting way of thinking about Yokoyama’s New Engineering now that I think of it… I will have lots more to say about Yokoyama in the very near future.

Yuichi Yokoyama Paper Bag Hat
Paper Bag Hat. Vintage Yokoyama fashion. Image from New Engineering.

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  1. Agreed. I’ve been preparing a huge post on Yokoyama. It will be an attempt to ‘get’ it. Don’t think I succeeded. Nevertheless, it’s coming soon!

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